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Top Transport Europe will allow you to meet between 8 and 30 project leaders in your fields of expertise. 


Top reasons to participate

100% Business

250 guests selected among the most innovative companies in the transport and logistics sector.

100% Networking

Thanks to our personalized service and the identification of guests, meet the most interesting profiles for your prospection during individual meetings. More informal formats - lunches, cocktail parties - will also facilitate exchanges between participants, in a more convivial atmosphere.

100% Efficiency

Save time in your search for prospects by making numerous One-to-One meetings in only 2 days. These meetings are highly qualified since they are targeted according to your needs and planned in advance of the event.

100% ROI

Save time in your commercial prospecting by making no less than 12 highly qualified One-to-One meetings in only 2 days. Save time and money with our turnkey formula, lightening your logistics. Calculate your short-term ROI by studying the detailed description of each project, including budget and timing.

100% Premium

Being selected as one of the 150 partners of the event identifies you as a major player in the industry among professionals and the specialized press. It also reinforces your reputation as an innovative company, enhances your initiative and highlights your contribution to the market by participating in Top Transport.

Areas of expertise

You are involved in the following areas on a daily basis:

  • Transport
    • Distribution
    • Air, rail, river, sea and road transport
    • National and international courier services
    • Transit and organization of transport
    • Groupage - Unbundling
  • Logistics
    • Customs and logistics consulting
    • EDI - transmission and information system
    • Organization, control, management and optimization of computer flows
    • Storage, warehousing
  • Services
    • Computer equipment, software
    • Transport organizer
    • Assistance in setting up the company
    • Development and renting of warehouses