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Get inspired, with 2 days of conferences and expert workshops! 

OPENING CONFERENCE | From Cape Horn to Everest, the benefits of change!

WEDNESDAY 18th OCTOBER | 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM 

Nicknamed "Le Captain", Eric Loizeau is a sailor and mountaineer. Voted skipper of the year in 1978 and multihull world champion in 1986, he has won two legs of The Ocean Race and holds the record for a solo Atlantic crossing. A mountaineering convert in the 90s, Éric Loizeau climbed Mount Everest in 2003. Today, he is a campaigner for the protection of the oceans, taking an active part in the fight against plastic pollution through the Race For Water foundation.
To open Top Transport Europe, he will share with the audience his vision as an adventurer, where surpassing oneself and team spirit enable the unexpected to be transformed into beneficial change. To do so, he'll be drawing on his experiences sailing around the world and climbing Mount Everest... a change of scenery and inspiration guaranteed!

With Eric Loizeau, navigator and mountaineer.

EXPERT WORKSHOP | DC BRAIN | Variations in activity: how to adapt thanks to dynamic transport planning?

WEDNESDAY 18th OCTOBER | 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM 

Faced with promotional challenges and the seasonal nature of the distribution sector, transport planning becomes a balancing act. You have to juggle between planned and unplanned volumes, delivery constraints and available resources (truck and driver). This requires a certain amount of adaptation and anticipation. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, this is no insurmountable task. In this workshop, discover the experience of LIDL, which thanks to 25 warehouses of an average size of 42,000m2 serves over 1,580 stores, shipping over 50,000 pallets a day.

With Jean-Michaël CARLI, VP Sales EMEA

MEYRONNE | Managing partial shortages: a legal imbroglio 

WEDNESDAY 18th OCTOBER | 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM 

A large proportion of disputes arise from a few parcels missing at destination. This type of dispute, generally involving small sums, often mobilizes a disproportionate amount of energy. What's more, ignorance of the legal rules governing such disputes, and confusion between transport and commercial contracts, strain relations between carriers and principals.

What are the obligations of carriers, shippers and consignees in this area? What are the best practices for managing this type of dispute with ease?

With Jean-Paul Meyronneinc, Associate Professor, Université Gustave Eiffel, and lecturer at Paris 1 and Dauphine. Founder of Meyronne FCE

EXPERT WORKSHOP | ACTEOS | Green Supply Chain: how can Acteos TMS help you control your CO2 emissions and optimize your costs? 

WEDNESDAY 18th OCTOBER | 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM 

Acteos, publisher and integrator of Supply Chain Management software, will be on hand to share its expertise. The company offers a range of supply chain optimization solutions, including Acteos TMS. Dedicated to transport management, it enables you to plan your transport, optimize your rounds, track and manage your costs... Acteos will use the Leclerc Group case study to show how implementing transport solutions can help you control your carbon footprint while optimizing your costs.

ROUND TABLE | Freight rates: back to equilibrium?

WEDNESDAY 18th OCTOBER | 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM 

Sea freight rates have plummeted, returning to pre-Covid levels. In road haulage, prices have stopped rising, but have not yet begun to fall significantly. Clearly, transport supply and demand are currently in balance. This conference will provide an opportunity to better understand the challenges ahead for 2024, to master the cost components of road haulage and to analyze the reasons behind hauliers' demands for higher tariffs.

To open this edition of Top Transport Europe, several experts and witnesses will answer these questions at this conference.



Jean-Paul Meyronneinc | Associate Professor, Université Gustave Eiffel, and lecturer at Paris 1 and Dauphine. Founder of Meyronne FCE

Alexis Giret | Director, Comité National Routier (CNR)

Xavier Villetard | Associated Director, BP2R

EXPERT WORKSHOP | MEYRONNE | Transport compensation: a feeling of injustice? 

THURSDAY 19th OCTOBER | 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM 

Following damage for which the carrier is responsible comes the compensation phase. But between compensation ceilings and the one-third rule, principals often have the impression that the carrier is getting off pretty lightly. What are the rules on compensation ceilings? What is the one-third reduction principle? Is it possible to go beyond these indemnity ceilings? Can "facultative" insurance solve all problems?

With Jean-Paul Meyronneinc, Associate Professor, Université Gustave Eiffel, and lecturer at Paris 1 and Dauphine. Founder of Meyronne FCE

ROUND TABLE | The challenges of a connected supply chain

THURSDAY 19th OCTOBER | 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM 

Faced with an ever-increasing number of sometimes contradictory risks, new digitalization-based tools are being implemented to improve anticipation and increase Supply Chain responsiveness.



Jean Charles CALLO | President, .N.A. PACA (Conseil National des Achats)

Gilles THIERRY | Supply Chain Consultant, .N.A. PACA (Conseil National des Achats) 

Claude FIORE | Professor, CRET LOG AMU (Université Aix Marseille)

Patrick REGNIEZ | Operations Director, SILOGIS