Lectures & Workshops

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For two days, come and take part in lectures and expert workshops of quality around transport topics and issues.

Wednesday 13th October 2021 :

9:10am - 9:45am : How to finance a TMS shipper project at low cost ?

Always seeking purchasing costs optimizations and managing transport services, manufacturers and distributors have several technical levers and tricks at their disposal. Savoye will be pleased to detail.

Speaker : Jonathan Falcomata, TMS Sales Engineer

11:30am - 12:05pm : Tariff adjustments: what to do and what not to do!

The Covid-19 crisis highlighted the problem of tariff revisions based on variations in volumes, major changes in transport plans or the complexity of finding "returns". In order to anticipate a future problem, what are the rules to be respected, what are the best practices in this area? What should be included in the transport contract?

Speaker : Jean-Paul Meyronneinc - Directeur Meyronne FCE

3:15pm - 3:50pm :  Eco-responsible and therefore efficient!

How to preserve the environment while maintaining operational excellence.

Pooling: How and why to pool transport while offering alternative solutions to diesel

Speaker : Philippe Taburet, Directeur Commercial

4:10pm - 4:45pm : Digitizing transport: what the opportunities are for shippers

Long considered as a cost centre only, transport is today key to differentiate services and improve customer experience. Optimizing transport activities is an essential pillar for leaders who want to address the major Supply Chain challenges of the moment: growing B2C and B2B client expectations, cost control, matching resources and capacities. How differientate services through digitizing transport and for what return on investment? What are the existing solution typologies?

Speaker : Xavier Rotger, Manager Supply Chain chez adameo

5:20pm - 5:55pm : Sea + Road : the win-win combination for Morocco 

La Méridionale provides sea links between Marseille, Corsica and Morocco. Discover why the reliable and economical sea-ship combination offers an alternative to all hauliers and how the Marseille- Tangiers sea link contributes to a more ecological Supply-chain. Awarded for its environmental commitment (Green Marine Europe Label, Tophée de la Charte Bleue), La Méridionale has 90 years of expertise in the handling and transport of rolling freight.

Speakers : Claudio Cirasaro, Freight Sales Director Olof Gylden, International Freight Lines Director

La Méridionale

6:30pm - 7:05pm : New road package: what will change?

Since September 2020 new rules are applied to European road transporters. Return of vehicles and drivers to their homes. Waiting period in case of cabotage. New European legislation for vehicles over 2.5t. What are the medium-term consequences on the road transport market and transport prices.

Speaker Jean-Paul Meyronneinc


Thursday 14th October 2021 :

9:10am - 9:45am : How to reconcile customer experience and transport costs ? 

E-commerce boom, new consumption patterns, tranformation of urban space... Today, controlling transportation costs has become very complex.
Acteos offers you an overview of the different levers allowing to optimize each part of the transport function.

Speaker : Benoît Graux, Supply-chain consultant


10:20pm - 10:55pm : FRET21: an essential approach to reducing the environmental impact of shippers

Initiated by ADEME in partnership with AUTF, FRET21 enables shippers to reduce the environmental impact of their transport. The company (Henkel, Nestlé or Coca), which has been involved in the initiative since 2015, will present the interest and benefits of FRET21 for shippers.

11:30am - 12:05pm : The new "contactless" delivery modalities.

Dematerialisation of transport documents, deliveries in the absence of a consignee, non-signature of LVs, etc. Here again, the Covid-19 crisis has brought new practices and requirements to the forefront. An update on e-CMR, the legal rules in this area and the processes to be put in place.

SpeakerJean-Paul Meyronneinc

1:15pm - 1:50pm : Use case of contactless deliveries and benefits from digitalisation of transport documents

Feedbacks about contactless deliveries, real time tracking and Ecmr 

Speaker : Paul-Hubert des Minières, Co-founder

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4:45pm - 5:55pm : Decarbonation, a new dynamic for Responsible Purchasing

Transportation is the activity that contributes the most to France's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 2019, it will account for 31% of French GHG emissions. Controlling CO2 emissions related to transport in the supply chain is therefore one of the key success factors for reducing its environmental impact.

Come and join us at this round table, co-hosted by CNA and EcoVadis, on the decarbonization of the supply chain.

Speaker : Jean-Charles CALLO, Président CNA PACA, Nicolas Dussert, Directeur Commercial Europe du Sud, EcoVadis