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Operational excellence

Pragmatic yet ambitious transport solutions for shippers

Jerome Letu-Montois

The transport sector is constantly being subjected to contradictory market demands: in 2024, it's a question of ecological revolution and optimisation of the existing fleet on the one hand, and competitiveness and inflation on the other. In short, price and environmental issues are both problems and solutions for the sector!

The context is more tense, with regulations and legal obligations now set to a precise timetable: it's the time for decarbonisation!

It's also more pressing: despite the slowdown in inflation, purchasing power continues to fall, putting enormous pressure on prices, and therefore on the production chain, and therefore on transport... not to mention the rising cost of raw materials.

The picture looks rather bleak, doesn't it? And yet it is all these tensions that are driving the sector to accelerate, but also to rationalise its strategic choices.

 After a long period of trial and error and great environmental promises, during which transport players had no really clear roadmap, the market finally knows where it needs to go, how, in what context and within what timeframe. It is pragmatic, because the economic stakes demand it, and ambitious in the current ecological context. Welcome to the era of operational excellence!